Organizing Sulawesi tours within North Sulawesi tours, Central Sulawesi tours, and South Sulawesi tours covering Toraja Tours, Togean Island tours, Bunaken Island tours, Lorelindu tours, Morowali Trekking tours, Minahasa island tours, Tangkoko tours and beyond destinations in Indonesia.


Organizing Sulawesi tours within North Sulawesi tours, Central Sulawesi tours, and South Sulawesi tours covering Toraja Tours, Togean Island tours, Bunaken Island tours, Lorelindu tours, Morowali Trekking tours, Minahasa island tours, Tangkoko tours and beyond destinations in Indonesia.


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Organizing Sulawesi tours  within North Sulawesi tours, Central Sulawesi tours, South Sulawesi tours covering Toraja tours, Lorelindu tours, Togean Island tours, Morowali trekking tours, Bunaken Island tours, Tangkoko tours and beyond destination in Indonesia.


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Sulawesi Overland tours, is one of most favorites itineraries by people who would like to explore coast to coast, peninsula to peninsula of Celebes or Sulawesi Island. Absolutely different way of travelling then the other Sulawesi Journey ( Trans Sulawesi tours ). Sulawesi overland tours, offer a 20 days journey, begin from Makassar or Manado.

Sulawesi land is rich of Cultures, and Natures. Many of activities is available during the journey and these itinerary offer you not only a highlights but combine with some places which is untouristic yet.

Makassar city, is the largest city in Sulawesi within modern facilities. Makassar located certainly in Losari beach, a best places to enjoy the sunset while having a typical of Torajan Coffee. Fort Roterdam, is a Dutch fortresses facing to the bay, nowadays is still operated by South Sulawesi government as a tourism office. Is not changing much than before, so you still can see the canon, prison, and many room as it’s function.

Nowadays, Makassar also become as one of the busiest port for export and import in Sulawesi conecting eastern site and western site of Indonesia, and one of the port called Paotere, is an old port in Makassar operated by goverment for traditional fisherman. Visiting this harbor, will remind you to long period time where people still sailing without engine but yacht.

The other unique places is an old China town, just certainly next of Losari beach, where you can visit some temple, souvenir shop, etc.

Bira beach is a place where the people enjoy a longest white sandy beach in South Sulawesi, located at the peninsula of Bulukumba, made Bira beach is a favorite for beach lovers and underwater lovers spending time for snorkeling and diving at on the area, and also visiting Selayar Island from this places. There are various accommodation from budget to high end markets. Boat rental also available to explore Kambing Island and Liukang loe island near by.

Ammatoa Villages, is traditional villages within Kajang tribes live in their habits which black dress in their daily life. The communities live in simple life style without electric, and technologies.

Sengkang Regency, locally known as a Wajo district, where the people live on the lake during the year. All activities is recently on Tempe lake. Get the boat ride for 30 minutes to reach the floating house of the community. Another interesting places to visit on the are is a village where producing the Silk weaving cloth at Sempange village.

Visiting Tana Toraja – A highland of South Sulawesi, located about 380 Km away from Makassar, need about 08 – 10 hours driving through the Bugisnese traditional house, Fish ponds, Prawn ponds, also some traditional product such as large dry fish. Typical Bugisnese cake named Dange, is offer you a taste of palm sugar mix with rice, good to be a snack before lunch at the beach side restaurant in Kuppa, Pare pare.

Leaving towards to Toraja, is available any time, during the nights or the day, it’s safe and smooth. Toiletes time also can do on the way at fuel station or some Resting area. Most of the travellers do the morning start from Makassar and arrive early afternoon in Rantepao, a capital city of Tana Toraja.

There are many hotels, home stay, losmen, for accommodation in Rantepao, it’s just depend on your budget. For foods and beverages, there are many of small locals Warung Makan and also some representative restaurant in town.

From Rantepao, the travelers can explore Tana Toraja for Cultural tour, Trekking tour, Rafting adventure, and also the most spectacular funeral celebration “Rambu Solo”. Msot of the tour in Southern site of Rantepao is Tradition and habits, so Lemo burial cliff, Londa burial cave, Suaya royal sites, Kambira burial trees, Siguntu royal villages, Kete’ Kesu Hanging grave, Kete’kesu traditional villages, and Buntu Pune villages is a place where travelers can visits during the staying.

For Natures lovers, and like to do outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking, the Northern sites is exactly right place to satisfy your adrenal. Begin from Buffalo traditional market and traditional food market in Bulo, continue to Bori Parinding for the megalithic area, Penanian traditional houses within plenty of fruit bats in bamboo forest. Up hill to Lempo and enjoy the view of Rantepao city, and also a huge of rice padi looks like a carpet below the sky in Tinimbayo.

Trekking and hiking can start from the area, up to Batutumonga in Mt. Sesean, or return dawn to Rantepao. A bit further from the Mentirotiku restaurant, there are Lokomata stone grave.

Another option for the outdoors is white water rafting in Maulu rivers, within begin with small trekking to the starting point and then by the proffessional whitewater rafting club, enjoy the river raft and you can made it in one or even two days.

Two days trekking in to the deep sites of Tana Toraja is amazing experience, within walking among the dense of pine trees, rice terraces, traditional villages, local people, and sleep at the remote villages after 05 – 06 hour walking.

And the only places where people regarding men soul, more than they do for a life people. Torajanese surely clear when you are present to their most spectaculer funeral celebration called Rambu Solo within Sacrifices plenty of buffallo, piqs, chickens, and plenty of local foods during the ceremony.

After do this all things in Tana Toraja, depart the region and towards to Tentena city in Pamona regency in Central Sulawesi. Aproximately 09 – 10 hours driving to reach Tentena city. The city located certainly at Poso lake, most of travelers overnight here to prepare the next trip for Lorelindu National Park.

A bit north up tour participants arrive in to Pamona regency, where the famous Tentena city and Poso lake, become a place to stop over before start the jungle expedition of Lorelindu national park.

Anyway soon or later these remote area, starting to become as a favorites tourism destination in Central Sulawesi, their tradition, tropical rain forest, and plenty mistery of the megalithics stone spread out from Napu Valley, Bada Valley, Besoa Valley, Wuasa, Doda villages, Watutau etc.

The world biggest Sea nomadic community is in Celebes or Sulawesi Island. And one of our destination in this Sulawei Overland trip is visiting the area.

Saronde Island, is a must visits Island if you skip Togean Island. Get your chance to enjoy a beauty of Popaya National Marine park in Gorontalo, beside Saronde Island, there are Lampu Island, Raja Island, Mohinggito Island which is most of the island is inhabtant.

Lorelindu National Park is a huge National park, spread out from Lore Utara near Palu city untill Lore Selatan near Poso city. Travellers visit the park to see the megalithic stone in Bada Valley, Besoa Valley, Napu Valley. Beside the megalithic, this park also is a home for many of Sulawesi endemic birds and one of the favorites for birdwatcher. Overnight trekking also a favorite for travelers who likes to do from Lore Utara to Lore Selatan or the other way.

Two days stay in the remote of Bada Valley, would be enough to cover the area. And for the people who likes to do overnight trekking, you could do from Tentena and end it up in Palu city, or from Palu to Tentena, takes about 04 days – 03 nights.

After the nature reserve, travelers depart Tentena, and do the long journey to Moutong, nice beach, great diving and snorkeling within accommodation on the beach. Moutong arrivals after 08 hours driving from Tentena.

Moutong is a small town exactly at the border of Central Sulawesi and Gorontalo province. In the between could be interesting to stop at largest sea nomadic communities called Bajau people. Torosiaje, is a name of the village, the people doing daily activities, doesn’t feel like on the water. Kids playing with rowing boat, coral and color full of fishes, it’s unique.

Out of the area, travelers can continue to Gorontalo city, a modern city facilitated with hotel, losmen, warung makan, restaurant, bank, ATM butics etc. The locals also friendly with tourist. Before depart the city, there are Otanaha fortresses, located at front of Limboto lake.

The area also has own Marine national park called Pepaya National Marine Park within Raja Island, Saronde Island, Mohinggito island, Lampu Island, some island is habitant and the other one is inhabitant. White long sandy beaches, beauty of tropical rainforest, rare turtle lay dawn the eggs, clear crystal unpoluted water. Be the only visitors for 2 days explore the area. Accommodation available at resort in Saronde Island, and also available for camping on the beach.

Leaving for Tomohon city in Minahasa highland of North Sulawesi, will reachable in 08 hours driving within stop on the way for photo point and lunch during the trip.

A long the road, following the Southern Coast of the peninsula, offer you a perfect panorama within Sulawesi sea, mountainous, coconut palm, and many things that you could not find in another places.

Tomohon city itself is a newest city in North Sulawesi, famous for Florist town, cool breeze, smiling people, and also religious men made the area is very save for travelers to visits and feel like home.

The creative people, made this city also famous for Traditional wooden house industry, at Woloan Villages. And these people also are tough and skillfull in agriculture and agro industry within Kayawu Village and Rurukan Village as a center product.

Traditional food market in town is another places to recognize how is the Minahasan people, at this market you can find many kind of meats where you can’t fine in another traditional market all over the world. At least Rats, Fruit bats, Phyton, Dog’s etc. Anyway the big market is not every day, at least 2 or 3 times a week and the biggest will be on Christmas and New year Celebration, also these kind of extreme culinary is serve due to the thank’s giving, wedding, funeral etc.

Mahawu Volcano and Lokon Volcano is a two volcano which is favorite for travelers to reach the crater. Easy to Intermediate level, made those two volcano available and comfortable for individual travelers or group and Family with kids to explore at least one or two days.

And this Sulawesi overland tours will end it up in the most famous world diving class Bunaken Sea Garden in North Sulawesi, beside those place, tour participant will be visits the sanctuary of Sulawesi endemic flora and fauna called Tangkoko Natural reserve, also the beauty of Minahasa Landscapes within world ring of fire volcano such us Lokon, Mahawu and Soputan volcano.

Well combination of Mountainous, Rivers, Volcanoes, tropical rain forest, Marine life biodiversity, and many more of Flora and fauna will assist you to the satisfaction of the long journey. 20 Days and 19 nights is a more than a time to knowledge you about Sulawesi Island / Celebes.


Friendly and Caring – of your family and the treatment like our own family far away from home ….

Get what you pay for – with a tour of the entire process transparent, orderly, and no hidden and surprise extra charges ….


Attraction      : Sulawesi Overland Tour
Duration        : 20 Days / 19 Nights
Tour area       : Bira – Toraja – Lorelindu – Gorontalo – Bunaken
Grade             : Easy – Intermediate
Start – End     : Makassar – Manado


  • Breakfast at hotel. A short city tour ; by visiting some tourism object in Makassar city such as Paotere Traditional harbor, Port Roterdam, China town, etc. Then continue to Bira beach. Afternoon arrival in Bira beach tourism area.Check in at one of the resort.
  • Breakfast at hotel, and by boat visiting Liukang Loe Island and Kambing Island to do a snorkeling trip. Afternoon return to Bara beach and having sunset.


  • Breakfast at hotel, Transfer to SENGKANG (the lake TEMPE town). Through Ammatoa traditional village Lunch en route. Afternoon arrive in Sengkang directly check-in at hotel.Dinner. Overnight.


  • Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to Toraja with approximately 06 hours drive take along magnificent mountain passes with the typical Bugisnese houses on the poles. Also stop in the Silk weaving villages. Afternoon arrive in Toraja Land, directly check- in at hotel in Rantepao.


  • Breakfast at hotel. Full day tour visiting : The traditional village with buffalo horns in front of their houses at Palawa. The Ancient megalithic stone at Bori. The terraced rice-field at Batutumonga  with a beautiful scenery. Also visiting the Boulder grave at Lokomata. Afternoon, return to hotel.


  • Breakfast at hotel, drive you to the starting point. walking through the dense of pine trees and the rice terrace within Torajan traditional villagers. Afternoon arrive, at the place where we will stay overnight in traditional local guesthouse.


  • Breakfast at guest house and continue the trekking, through the natures beauty of Torajan traditional villagers. After 5 hours walking we will arrive at pick zone by car and having lunch,  Afternoon  visiting : The burial cliif at Lemo, burial cave in Londa, The royal tombs of Suaya. The baby-grave at Kambira. The Kete’kesu hanging grave, traditional Torajan villages in Kete’kesu. Afternoon return to hotel.


  • Breakfast at hotel Leaving TORAJA for Tentena. Some stops on the way for the nice views. Afternoon arrive in Tentena directly check-in at cottages for overnight and dinner.


  • Breakfast at resort, By Jeep from Tentena to Bomba Village. It takes about 4 hours driving trought adventure mountain road. Arrive in the afternoon direct visit to Langke Bulawa and Watu Loga Megalith. Dinner and stay overnight at Losmen (B,L,D)


  • Bomba – visit the giant Megalith called Palindo Stone at Sepe area the continue track enter the Lore Lindu National Park. Continue drive to Tentena Town, afternoon arrival, directly to visit the famous waterfalls of Saluopa. Overnight at cottage near by the Poso lake.


  • After breakfast, continue trekking about 8 hours trough the jungle. This day you could enjoy the beautiful view of Bada Valley and Besoa Valley from the top of the hill. Dinner and stay overnight at tent. (camping) (B.L.D). (Picnic Lunch).


  • Breakfast at resort. By car to Moutong for 08 – hours drive. Lunch enroute. Overnights in Moutong


  • Breakfast at resort, Continue driving to Torosiaje for 3- 4 hours, On the way we will visits some destination as like the largest Sea gyptian community in the world, the people who live on the water ( Ocean ). Lunch enroute. Afternoon arrival in Gorontalo. Check in – overnights at hotel in Gorontalo. 


  • Breakfast at resort, and visit Raja Island near by the island snorkeling and sunbath and small hiking in to the Papaya National Park. Lunch box. Afternoon return to resort.


  • Breakfast at hotel. After breakfast, transfer to TOMOHON (the flower city), Lunch en route. On the way we can enjoy the scenic of North Sulawesi mountainous. Arrive in TOMOHON directly check-in at resort. Dinner at local restaurant.


  • Breakfast at hotel. Transfer to Kakaskasen village where you start the trekking to Mount Lokon active volcano (1530 M above sea level- approximately 03 hours hiking v.v.). Lunch at local restaurant. Afternoon Sunset Volcano tour.


  • Breakfast at hotel (check-out hotel). Early morning starting departure to Tangkoko. Transfer to Tangkoko through Manado approximately 2 hours drive. Photo stop at Tinoor to view the entire city of Manado and Bunaken island from this Hill-Top point. Afternoon, arrive in Tangkoko. Check in at homestay or resort. Afternoon trip  walk into this nature reserve park to see  the tarcius spectrum, the smallest primate in the world, and  you can also see the Knobbed horn bill and black monkeys (macaque nigra ), cus-cus. Return to Homestay for overnight and dinner.


  • Breakfast at home stay, Transfer to Manado – Bunaken Island. Arrive in Bunaken directly check-in at resort for the accommodation. Afternoon , a house reef snorkeling. 


  • Departure for dolphin tour beyond Bunaken Island. On the way back we will stop at Siladen Island to get a wonderfull snorkeling. Lunch box  serve on board. Afternoon return to Bunaken Island for a five star snorkeling along the eastern beach of the Island. Dinner will be served at resort.


  • Breakfast at the resort. Take a boat trip to Manado. Arrive in Manado. There is a car and driver will meet you and transfer you to Sam Ratulangi Airport for your next destination. End of services – Home Sweet Home


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