is a small unhabitand island, within the powder white sandy beach, blue green colours of water, unpoluted ocean, far from the civilation, trees for the shelter, litle forest for some birds, and lizards.

Located in Likupang region, Lihaga is a part of the best marine tourism name Luciane islands within Bangka Island, Gangga Island, Talise Island and Lihaga island itself. These islands is close each other and reachable by speed boat.

Stretch from East to west about 200 meters. and South to North about 750 meters, make this small island are suitable to having picnic or overnight by camp on the beach side.

Here in Lihaga Island you can do some activities such as snorkeling and sunbath or overnight camping. Underwater natural charm will anesthetize you, the beauty is unspoiled.

Despite of uninhabited island, It has some facilities such as restrooms and locker rooms, the contours of the sand and its environment allows you to stay with setting up a tent. The absence of food stalls requires you to bring your own lunch.

This beautiful panorama becomes main target for photographer. No doubt there are many photography lovers community gather to visit here. There are also officers to keep the environmental hygiene. If there is a better management from the officers,

This Island will be popular and convenient to visit not only from the local tourists but also for foreign tourists.