Wakai island in Togean National marine park


Attraction     : Cultural & Trekking .
Tour area      : Besoa Valley and .
Duration       : 12 Days / 11 Nights
Grade            : Easy – Intermediate
Start – End   : Manado – North Sulawesi

Central Sulawesi tour is a tour package to explore  Lorelindu National park and Togean National Marine park within North Lorelindu and South Lorelindu and Togean Islands,  covering Sedoa village, Wuasa village, Wanga village, Watutau village, and Doda village in Napu Valley and Bomba village, Tuare village, Bewa village, Gintu village.

The trip is adventure begin from Palu within one night overnight at camp in the jungle between Lore Utara (Napu valley) and Lore Selatan (Bada Valley). Exploring those two valley includes the endemic tropical forest and wild life, lakes and savana, rivers and the megalithic stone in the area by trekking and hiking. 

The adventures begin from Doda Village (Napu Valley) and overnight in Tabang peak, the next morning dawn to the great of Bada Valley. The valley is a most famous for traveler who can observe many kind of Megalithic stone. At the end up of adventure trekking in Lorelindu National Park is at Tentena town near Poso lake.

Activities such as : Megalithic observe in Napu Valley, Watutau, Doda village, Wuasa and also Bada Valley. Jungle trekking across the forest between Lore Utara and Lore Selatan.

Accommodation prepare at the simple losmen or guest house in the village. Which is clean and sanitary standard for tourist. Overnight stay in the jungle is on the camping ground with tent.

Food and beverages are prepare by the team or at the losmen or guesthouse restaurant. Lunch box on the trekking, and also cooked by our team when overnight stay.

After trekking and hiking in Lorelindu National Park, we are moving to Tentena town. Visiting the twelve steps of Saluopa waterfalls and Poso lake. We will take one night overnight at Poso lake side resort or cottage.

The day after, we will continue the trip to Ampana to get the boat charter to Togean Island in Tomini Bay. Is taking about 06 hours to drive from Tentena to Ampana, and then doing the Island Hop to explore the archipelago of Togean Island covering Bomba, Batudaka, Waleakodi and Waleabahi within Poyalisa, Kadidiri, Bolilanga, Ketupat etc. The area is completely perfect for beach lovers and underwater lovers. At this program, we will move from island to island by rental boat, and doing snorkeling at the reef between the islands.

The tour program could be end it by return to Ampana and drive by rental car to Palu city or the participants can continue the trip to : Gorontalo, and flight to Manado, Makassar, where you can fly to your domestic or international connecting flight.

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