is offering you a spectacular diving and holiday on Bunaken National Marine Park in North Sulawesi, Manado. Located about 10 miles from the city of Manado. We can create of Bunaken island tour within overnight or daily tour covering Bunaken island, Siladen island, Manado tua island, Mantehage island, and Naen island.

On every island, has their own different things to do like Trekking in Manado tua island, Fishing tour in Mantehage island. Diving and snorkeling in Bunaken and Siladen island, and visiting the Pasir timbul in Naen island. Hiking is available on every island in to the local villages. 

For beach lovers, Bunaken has beauty white sandy beaches arround the island, even some of ther parts covered by mangrove on the front side. 

Bunaken National Marine Park, also welcome for snorkelers only, because around the park, there are more than 20 snorkeling spots where you can see the corals, fishes and in some certain time you might be to see mammals just near the shore.

For divers, Bunaken island is one of the best places on the planet to do. The steep of walls, colourfull of coral reefs and fishes will make your experience are spectacular. There are more then fifty diveing spots is welcome you to explore it.


  • DIVING BUNAKEN : 06 days – 05 nights
  • SNORKELING BUNAKEN : 05 days – 04 nights
  • BUNAKEN ROUND TOUR : 06 days – nights