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Sulawesi tour packages is a combination of the tourism highlights within the area as South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi via Poso and the visiting Togean Island and Gorontalo, from that area we are going to North Sulawesi, for diving or snorkeling in Bunaken Island

Makassar is a largest town in Sulawesi Island is an ideal area to start the trip, within Sultan Hassanudin international airport as the entry point from Bali, Jakarta, Manado, Surabaya, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Papua and many other places of Indonesia.

Through the Bugisnese villages within fish ponds a long the road, also mountainous on the right side of the road. Some photo stop and coffee break is available during the trip. Include toilet time at some fuel station. Smooth of asphalt till the Rantepao City, a capital city of Tana Toraja.

Trekking in the area is an another spectacular experience in to the deep of the area. The Tradition, habits, and communities will be a kind of differences life style to knows and memorable.

North Sulawesi is a province located at most northern side of Sulawesi island within Manado as a capital city. This place are favorite for travellers for diving and snorkeling on Bunaken island. Beside the diving and snorkeling, there are many of tourism attractions to see and to do. Yo can start the tours activities based in Manado city and then, doing the daily tours such us : Bunaken diving and snorkeling tours, dolphin tours, fishing tours, Tomohon city tours, Minahasa highland tours, Tangkoko tours, Volcano trekking tours, White water rafting and etc.

North Sulawesi tours, is create by our team to explore the area where the tourist want to see and doing the local wisdom, tradition and cultures.


Central Sulawesi tour is a tour package to explore  Lorelindu National park and Togean National Marine park within North Lorelindu and South Lorelindu and Togean Islands,  covering Sedoa village, Wuasa village, Wanga village, Watutau village, and Doda village in Napu Valley and Bomba village, Tuare village, Bewa village, Gintu village.

The trip is adventure begin from Palu within one night overnight at camp in the jungle between Lore Utara (Napu valley) and Lore Selatan (Bada Valley). Exploring those two valley includes the endemic tropical forest and wild life, lakes and savana, rivers and the megalithic stone in the area by trekking and hiking.


South Sulawesi tour packages is a combination of the tourism highlights in the area such us Makassar city, Tana Toraja, Sengkang, Kajang, and Bira beach. This route is a best round trip of South Sulawesi.

Makassar is a largest town in Sulawesi Island is an ideal area to start the trip, within Sultan Hassanudin international airport as the entry point from Bali, Jakarta, Manado, Surabaya, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Papua and many other places of Indonesia.

From Makassar, you can get the private car with Guide and driver and begin your 08 hours drive to Tana Toraja. Through the Bugisnese villages within fish ponds a long the road, also mountainous on the right side of the road.

Some photo stop and coffee break is available during the trip. Include toilet time at some fuel station. Smooth of asphalt till the Rantepao City, a capital city of Tana Toraja.


Bunaken Island tours


Bunaken Island tours, offering you a spectacular diving and holiday on Bunaken National Marine Park in North Sulawesi, Manado. Located about 10 miles from the city of Manado. We can create of Bunaken island tour within overnight or daily tour covering Bunaken island, Siladen island, Manado tua island, Mantehage island, and Naen island.

On every island, has their own different things to do like Trekking in Manado tua island, Fishing tour in Mantehage island. Diving and snorkeling in Bunaken and Siladen island, and visiting the Pasir timbul in Naen island. Hiking is available on every island in to the local villages.

For beach lovers, Bunaken has beauty white sandy beaches arround the island, even some of ther parts covered by mangrove on the front side.


The Sulawesi peninsula is spread out from South – North about 2.750 Km. Along the distance there are tribes, etnic, who does exist on their nature and culture.

Nowadays, Trans Sulawesi tours is easier and going smoothly then 5 – 10 years ago, due to the road condition is wider and good quality of asphalt. From Makassar to Tana Toraja can take about 08 – 10 hours drive includes some stop over for lunch, photo point, coffee break etc.

Makassar is a largest city in Sulawesi Island and within a few flights directly from abroad such as : Air Asia – Kuala Lumpur, Silk air – Singapore, Garuda Indonesia Airlines – Singapore. Or you can fly to Manado – North Sulawesi, Denpasar – Bali or Jakarta – West Java, then connected by the domestic flights to Makassar.


Sulawesi Overland tours, is one of most favorites itineraries by people who would like to explore coast to coast, peninsula to peninsula of Celebes or Sulawesi Island. Absolutely different way of travelling then the other Sulawesi Journey ( Trans Sulawesi tours ). Sulawesi overland tours, offer a 20 days journey, begin from Makassar or Manado.

Sulawesi land is rich of Cultures, and Natures. Many of activities is available during the journey and these itinerary offer you not only a highlights but combine with some places which is untouristic yet.



Minahasa tours, is a tour packages to explore the  Minahasa tribes who live in the highlands of North Sulawesi covering Tomohon, Tondano, Kawangkoan, Langowan.

Through this packages we will guide you to Jesus Christ monument, Pemandangan photo point, traditional wooden Minahasa house, traditional food market, sulfurous colours lake, Tondano lake and caldera, Mahawu volcano or Lokon actif volcano.

And the white water rafting adventures. Also can combined with visiting waterfalls, and natural hotsprings.


Kete'kezu, a traditional Toraja villages  supported by UNESCO, as the world the world heritage, in South Sulawesi Indonesia.


The Toraja Tours , is devided in two sites tour area, within Northern of Tana Toraja covering Buffallo traditional market, and on the same place, we can find Bulo traditional food market, next places is Penanian traditional houses within 14 rice barn and fruit bats habits hang on Bamboo forest, continue to Bori megalithic stone, up hill to Tinimbayo photo point for huge rice terraces, Batutumonga as it’s best site to stop over for lunch before continue to Lokomata for the stone grave. And this trip to see Pallawa traditional villages.

The other sites is a Southern of  Tana Toraja,is going to see a local wisdom to burried the corpses within Lemo burial cliff, Londa burial cave, Kambira baby grave, Kete’kesu hanging grave, Suaya royal tombs, and the oldest traditional village in Tana Toraja, supported by UNESCO, Kete’Kesu villages.

These trip is available with all ages tour participants.


Tangkoko tours, is the tour package arrange by JOenJO tours team for the people who loves to see of North Sulawesi endemic wildlife of flora and fauna, within located at Batuputih villages in Bitung, North Sulawesi – Indonesia.

At this tour packages, we can show you such of Kingfishers birds, Pigeon, Cockatoo,Horn bill etc. And also black macaque nigra, Bear sus cus, and the phenomenal Tarsius Spectrum claimed as the smallest primate in the world.

The flora’s who still could see by the visitors such Mahony, Iron wood, teak wood in super extra large size. Also for the beach lovers, can do swimming on the crystal waters of Sulawesi sea.

A wonder of  morning sunrise, you can enjoy at 04.30 am in the early morning.

The Batuputih village where the gate is open daily, is reachable by charter car or bus from Manado in two hours.


lorelindu trekking tours


Find the Bada tribes of Sulawesi island, in Lorelindu National Park. The trip will begin from Palu city, a capital city of Central Sulawesi.

To reach Palu you can flight from Singapore to Manado and the next day early morning continue to Palu , via transit in Makassar,  on  arrive in Palu airport, continue by car to Doda village in Napu valley.

On the way, we can stop to some places to see the megalithic stones, traditional villages and their houses. Take overnight and dinner at this village.

We begin the Lorelindu adventures from Doda village, the next morning. The first day we will walking up to which is 1.200 metres above sea level where we will make a camp for overnight in the middle of jungle.

On the way we might to see the endemic flora as the Eucalyptus trees, an orchid, and some Fauna as the monkeys, birds etc.





Lorelindu national park, is a part of Sulawesi Wallacea lines, where the endemic of Flora and Fauna is found. Besoa Valley, and Bada Valley is a two main valley located in the park and famous for travellers to do a trekking and birdwatching.

This tour itinerary offer you to explore the area begin from Tentena Town, a small area located on Poso lake.

Small town, Tentena has all facilities you necessary ATM, Accommodation, Restaurant, and destination.

On arrival in the area there are a simple but comfort of tourism facilities. Anyway it’s comfortable and sanitary standard of toilets, kitchen, water. 

The tour package, is covering Bada valley in Southern site of Lorelindu, and we can do trekking to see the wildlife such as Monkey, Birds and traditional Bada houses. Rice field, rivers and the megalithic stone as Palindo, Kalamba, Matura etc.


Toraja trekking tours


The scenic of Natures beauty in Indonesia !

Toraja trekking tour is created to you, by our team to have a fiew days out of the crowds and invite you to the natures, and community of local Torajan who live in a remotes area.

We begin the Toraja Trekking program from Ke’pe villages, then through out the jungle, rice terraces, bamboo forest and friendly locals, also kids before and after the school time and also some traditional villages.

On the way of trekking we might to see the locals daily activities as a farmers at the rice field, Traditional market and also possible to see the funeral ceremony.

Limbong Village, is a small village on the mountainous of Tana Toraja become our home base.

Toraja trekking itself is totally walking about 4 hours – 06 in two days within intermediate stip level.

All ages participant of tour are availables and possible to have longer durations of trekking according to your own time.



Bunaken homestay offer you a clean rooms facilitated with private bathroom with shower, and fan, also includes three meals a day also free mineral water, coffee, tea a long day and snacks in the afternoon.

Location – Bunaken Homestay, exactly on the village of  Bunaken. About 50 m away from the shore of the public ferry pier or jetty, where you can swim and doing the snorkeling.

Facilities – Bunaken homestay has about 3 rooms only, within facilitated with fan and private toilete, 24 hours electricity, and also shower.

Services – Our rates includes three meals a day, breakfast , lunch and dinner. Free coffee and tea a long the day and snack included in the afternoon.


Rute trip tiga Pulau ini bisa bervariasi mengikuti waktu dan keinginan tamu yaitu :

1. Satu hari waktu perjalanan, ini khusus bagi mereka yang hanya punya waktu singkat di Manado, seperti mereka yang sedang melaksanakan kunjungan kerja, tugas perusahaan, dll.

2. Lebih dari satu hari, untuk keluarga, kolega , komunitas yang memang khusus datang ke Manado untuk liburan, sehingga bisa menjelajahi ketiga pulau ini dengan durasi yg lebih lama sehingga bisa lebih mengenal dan tahu tentang ketiga pulau ini.

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, silahkan menghubungi kami via emai atau whatssup.

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