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Organizing Sulawesi tours  within North Sulawesi tours, Central Sulawesi tours, South Sulawesi tours covering Toraja tours, Lorelindu tours, Togean Island tours, Morowali trekking tours, Bunaken Island tours, Tangkoko tours and beyond destination in Indonesia.


Through this site, we are happy to assist you to inform you, planning, and organizing tours in all destinations that have their own uniqueness of cultures, traditions, tribes, and flora and fauna especially the place where we have been visited such as : Bali, Sulawesi, Komodo, Flores and the Raja Ampat archipelago.

PROFESSIONAL GUIDE – On every tour, we are always includes a tour guide who is an experienced and trained local native with good knowledge of the tourist attractions visited.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES – Presenting combined between Indonesian menus according to your needs, in hygiene and sanitary standards.

TOUR FACILITIES – Always provide the comfortable travel facilities such as hotels, guides, buses, cars and other amenities for your vacation.

DESTINATIONS – We are promise to take you in all places, according to your needs and quotes, without prejudice, the weather, nature, and safety of the area to be visited.

We are happy to assist you with all necessary information, and thank you very much for your time to check out our website

See you in Indonesia !


Friendly and Caring – of your family and the treatment like our own family far away from home ….

Get what you pay for – with a tour of the entire process transparent, orderly, and no hidden and surprise extra charges ….

Indonesian touch – in a whole package, from before the tour until the completion of the tour ….

Tour facilities – Budget, Comfortables to Luxurious tours facilities within International Sanitary Standard ….

Quality commitment – where the resource selection with only a high standard to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort ….

Crew and Staff –  Speaking English, Dutch, and Deutsch langguage, Professionals, well organized and efficient …

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