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Trans Sulawesi tour, is a tour package to hose people who like to explore Sulawesi Island within South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi and North Sulawesi. There are two option in exploring Sulawesi, within by boat to crossing the Togean island at Tomini bay, and also accessible through trans Sulawesi road by charter car. Sulawesi overland tor package is offer you to explore more culture, tribes and forest. 

Duration     : 23 Days / 22 Nights
Attraction   : Trekking, Sightseeing, Diving, Snorkeling
Tour area    : South Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, and North Sulawesi.
Grade          : Easy – Adventure
Start – end  : Makassar – Manado


  • Upon arrival, we will meet you at the airport and we transfer you to your own choice hotel in Makassar for overnight stay and dinner.

Note : if you have morning flight , then you can directly depart for Toraja Land from the airport. 


  • After your breakfast, we will meet you at hotel lobby, and transfer you to Sengkang town, through the wajo village and bugisnese traditional houses along the way. About 6 hours driving and arrive in the area. Lunch enroute. After lunch we are directly go to the boat harbor for Tempe lake trip to see the water nomadic people, called Bajau’s who live on the water during their life at the floating houses. On the way we might to see the wetland birds. On arrival, we wil join to a floating houses as a shelter, also trying to feel how the people live in this conditions. On the way back we might have great sunset views. On arrival in the harbor, we go directly to hotel. Check in and leisure on your own until the dinner time. The dinner will be at local restaurant.


  • We will meet you at hotel lobby after the breakfast at hotel, and we are directly transfer to Toraja with approximately 06 hours drive take along magnificent mountain passes with the typical Buginese houses on the poles. Stop for while, in Sempanga village to see the silk weaving cloth. Lunch will be served at restaurant in Pare-Pare, a small port situated 155 km north of UjungPandang. After Lunch, continue drive to Toraja with a refreshment break at Puncak Lakawan (Top-Hill) to enjoy the beautiful scenery of enrekang mountainous. Afternoon arrive in Rantepao, Toraja, directly check-in at hotel in town. Dinner will be at local restaurant near by.


  • Breakfast at hotel, and today we will pick up you to do the day tour by visiting : The stone grave at Lemo. And the the royal tombs in Suaya. The baby-grave in the tree at Kambira. Lunch will be served in local restaurant on the way. After lunch, continue to visit the natural burial cave in Londa. Next places is the traditional carving village, Kete’kesu. Afternoon return to Dinner will be in the local restaurant.


  • We meet you after breakfast at hotel. (check-out hotel) Full day tour visiting : The traditional market at Bolu, where we can see the locals selling kind of funerals ceremony needs. Next of it, we will visiting the traditional village with buffalo horns in front of their houses at Palawa. The traditional weaving village at Sa’dan. And then continue driving to thhe Ancient megalithic stone at Bori, Parinding. The natures beauty within bamboo clumps, water irrigation, and rice terraces is going to be the panorama on the way up to Sesean area famous as Batutumonga. Having Lunch at local restaurant here, with a beautiful scenery during the lunch time. After lunch we are check in at near by accommodation. Free at leisure. Afternoon we are going to visit, the Boulder grave at Lokomata, we will go there by short walking, and return to the guesthouse by car. Dinner within specific locals cuisine at restaurant.


  • Breakfast at hotel and also we are check out from the guest-house You will take a small nature-walk down, and we are going to trekking through some typical Torajan villages and rice-field terrace to Sute. The driver will be stand-by at Sute and drive us to Rantepao. Lunch will be served at restaurant in Rantepao. After lunch, take a a little walk around the center of Rantepao and then proceed to hotel in Town. Afternoon at leisure in hotel swimming pool. Dinner will be in the local restaurant near by.


  • After breakfast at hotel we leave Toraja and going to Pendolo near the Poso lake. Before we are heading to Pendolo, we will stop in Nanggala village to see the wealthy family with their 16 typical granaries standing in a row as a sign of their ranking of noble family. This place also known as a fruit bats nest at the bamboo clumps. Lunch en route. Afternoon arrive in Pendolo and we are direclty check-in at hotel for overnight. Dinner will be serve in local restaurants.


  • Breakfast at cottages, and check out and by car we continue driving go to Bomba Village in Lorelindu national park. It takes about 3.5 hours driving to reach the village. But on the way, we can stop for trekking in Malei and pick by car in others sides before Bomba village. Lunch box. On arrival , check in at homestay in the village and afternoon we go visiting the  Langke Bulawa and Watu Loga Megalith. Tonight having dinner and stay overnight at Losmen (B,L,D)

DAY 10 : BADA VALLEY – TENTENA                   

  • Breakfast at losmen in Bomba and today we will visit the Susu area where we can see the Kalamba megalith, Oba megalith and Baula and Maturu megalith, and the last one is  giant Megalith called Palindo Stone at Sepe . Lunch en route. After the trip, we depart for Tentena. Afternoon arrive in Tentena we still have time to go to Saluopa waterfalls and check in at cottage near the lake. (B.L.D) Dinner at cottage restaurant. Overnight.


  • After breakfast at hotel, direct transfer to Ampana with approximately 06 hours drive through the Poso town and stop in handicraft center. Lunch en-route, and proceed to Ampana. On arrive in Ampana directly check-in at hotel for your accommodation. Dinner will be at the restaurant in town.


  • Breakfast at resort and then we are going to the pear and get the charter boat to sail to Poyalisa, on the way will doing snorkeling in Taupan island. After that continue to having lunch on the beach of Kuling, where we can see the bajau village as well. Lunch boxes provided in this cruising journey. After lunch here we are going to do more snorkeling in the small island (no name). Arrive in Poyalisa we are directly check-in at resort on the island for overnight and dinner.


  • Breakfast at resort and we are continue to snorkeling in Katrin barrier reef. From here we are return to the boat. Next snorkeling is in Pasir tengah, barier reef. After the snorkeling here we are going to visits the Bajau village. Lunch boxes provided in this cruising journey. From Bajau villages we are moving towards to snorkeling in Tangkudi barrier Afternoon we are leaving Bomba and sail to Kadidiri island through the beauty of natures island. On arrive check in at resort on the Island. Overnight and dinner is in the resort.


  • After breakfast at resort. We we are going to take the boat trip to do snorkeling in Taipi island, and after that we are going to swim at Jelly fish lake. Lunch boxes provided in this cruising journey. After that we will be landed our boat in Bolilanga island to check in. After the check in, we are take you do snorkeling at fringing reef on the area. And then return to the resort to stay overnight and dinner.


  • Breakfast at resort and then snorkeling on the barier reef of I – IV. Next after, we will going to Malenge island and continue to the long bridge village named Pulau Papan, and snorkeling at fringing reef here. From here we are visiting the largest baju community in Togean island at Kabalutan villages Lunch boxes provided in this cruising journey. Before return to the resort we are going to show you the great mangroves area, and the sea crocodile area. Afternoon return to the resort. Overninght and dinner. 


  • Breakfast at resort and then take the ship to Gorontalo from Malenge island or Ketupat Island. The ship is depart in the afternoon and arrive in Gorontalo harbor, next morning. Lunch at resort and dinner on the ship.


  • Upon arrivval in Gorontalo harbor, we will go to a place where we can do simple  breakfast. And then we go continue the trip to Kotamobagu. On the way we can stop at the beaches on the way. We also can stop to visits the specialist tuna  fishing village. Lunch will be served en-route. Along the trip you will enjoy also some natures beauty views, mountain and and beaches with few stops en-route for some interesting stuff. Upon arrive in Kotamobagu, check in and dinner at homestay.


  • After breakfast at homestay we are check out and visiting Maleo nesting area. In this area we have to do an easy trekking to see how the habitation and population of the Macrochepalon fowl (chicken bird).  From here we are continue driving to Tomohon city through the highlands site of South Minahasa within Ambang mountain. In this highland we can see the Moat lakes surrounded by the vegetables garden and some clove plantation and the tropical rain forest. Dawn to Tompaso Baru we wil stop for photopint of Ranoyapo rivers and the rice field landscape. In Amurang we will stop for refreshment at popular caffee house. Lunch en route. From Amurang we are crossing to Kawangkoan and afternoon we arrive at the reort in Tomohon. Free at leisure. Dinner will be serve in the resort.


Tomohon is known for flower planting at people's homes.

  • Breakfast at resort and today we will go visit : Woloan village where the locals is producing traditional wooden Minahasa house, on the way we can stop to see the way of producing palm sugar (aren)  and palm wine. The next village is Rurukan where we can see the vegetable agriculture area doing by howing, From here we will go directly to Tondano lake for lunch and see the fish farming. From this area a litle bit uphill to Lahendong village to see the sulfurous lake Linow, a beautiful but rather strange lake. It can change colors influence by the sunlight. The lakeside is a lovely place to relax. There are numerous endemic faunas like Blibis birds and insects called “Sayok” or “Komo.” Those winged insects living in the water are consumed by the inhabitants around the lake. Besides the panoramic view of surrounding area, Lake Linow has special characteristics as the tendency to turn its color because of the high level of sulfur content as well. Lunch will be served en-route at local restaurant. Afternoon return to the resort in Tomohon. Dinner at the local restaurant. Free program.


  • Breakfast at hotel, and check out then drive to Kakaskasen to do the Lokon Volcano trekking about 1.5 hours up through the dry stream. On arrival on the crater side,made a memoriza foto and a bit walking to the other side. After that we came dawn to the base area, and having lunch at the restaurant. After lunch we proceed to Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Afternoon, arrive in Tangkoko and check in at homestay and prepare the trip.  Before dark, by car we take a short drive to the gate and get the permit and local ranger, continue the trekking by walk into this nature reserve. Tangkoko Natural reserve is comprised of rolling hills and valleys with a variety of hardwood trees and unusual plant life. The lush green hills and valleys that make up the landscape of the nature reserve offer some exceptionally beautiful views. This ancient rainforest is packed with striking fauna and flora. Some of the more common fauna found here include hornbill, Tarsius Spectrum (world's smallest primate/the smallest monkey in the world), black tails monkeys, and kuskus (marsupial family), after that back to the lodge/homestay, Dinner at the local restaurant or at lodge/homestay.


  • Wake up early and we are starting the morning exploration of the reserve. At this morning trip we can see the Sunrise on the beach, huge of lianas trees, Ebony, teak wood and many others of Sulawesi endemic of floral. And also we might to see the other Sulawesi endemic fauna as black macaque nigra, Hornbill bir, many kind of kingfishers, and others. After that we are return to the homestay and take the breakfast. Free at lesiure untill we check out to Manado. At 10.00 am we are heading back to Manado harbor, the driving takes about to hours and the get to the public boat to Bunaken Island. Lunch at local restaurant in Manado. After lunch we sail accros the bay of Manado, and we will reach the marine national park in 45 minutes.The public boat will take us to the pier in Bunaken village and picked up by resort boat from here. Upon arrive in Bunaken check in at resort and free program, enjoy the beach while sunbathing or you can do the house reef snorkeling (optional). Dinner at the resort.


  • After breakfast at resort, enjoy the beach on sunbathing and snorkeling at the house reef or arrange the dolphin tours. Lunch and Dinner at resort. 


  • After breakfast, check out then transfer to Manado by charter boat, upon arrive in Manado directly transfer by ac car to Sam Ratulangi Airport Manado for your flight to the next destination.

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