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TONDANO LAKE - North Sulawesi.

Caldera 1202 m / 3,944 ft
North Sulawesi & Sangihe Islands, Indonesia, 1.23°N / 124.83°E
Current status: dormant (1 out of 5)

Typical eruption style: Explosive

Tondano volcano eruptions : none in historic times

Last earthquakes nearby :No recent earthquakes

Tondano Lake is a large caldera lake in northern Sulawesi (Indonesia), best known as for its popular local recreation areas. Few know it is what is nowadays usually called a SUPERVOLCANO, similar to Yellowstone with a big difference: it is currently erupting. As Carl on VolcanoCafe in a brilliant article (s. below) points out, a single small earthquake at Yellowstone outperforms it in popularity.
Tondano produced a gigantic VEI8 ("supervolcano") eruption about 2.5 to 2 million years ago and has remained active into the present. Today, Tondano has 4 active vents: the volcanoes Lokon-Empung, Mahawu, Sempu and Soputan.
These volcanoes were constructed on the margins of the caldera and act as pressure relief valves for the large volcanic system, thus preventing pressure and magma build-up that would be needed for any major eruption from the main vent (inside the lake) to be expected any time soon.
The youngest of these, Lokon-Empung and Soputan erupt at the same time. have tandem eruptions.

Tondano is a large, ca. 20 x 30 km wide lake-filled caldera in north Sulawesi and famous for its idyllic landscape.

Background :The caldera was formed perhaps as much as several million years ago. Younger cones are present in the caldera, as well as obsidian flows, and thermal areas. Lake Tondano lies adjacent the well-defined eastern caldera rim. 

The active andesitic-to-basaltic stratovolcanoes Soputan, Sempu, Lokon-Empung and Mahawu have formed on the poorly defined southern and northern rims of the caldera.

The age of the latest eruptions within the caldera is not known, although thermal areas occur at Batu Kolok and Sarangson, and at the Tampusu cinder cone and Lahendong maar.

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