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The Land of boat builders and tough sailor

Beside offering the natures beauty, white sandy and clear water, Pantai Tanjung Bira also save a charm that is probably not known by many people. Who would have thought, not far from the coast, there is a coastal village whose inhabitants work as a boat builder of Pinisi. Located in Bulukumba, precisely in Tana Beru, coastal settlements Pinisi boat maker is the main attraction for tourists who came to the south coast of Makassar.

The boat is a traditional Pinisi boat of Bugis - Makassar. The boat has been around since the days of the ancestors of Indonesia. This boat proves Indonesia is the first major maritime country with a culture of sailors and ship builders are formidable. Initially, the boat Phinisi Indonesian sailors relied on the wind as the driving speed boat. Therefore, the boat Pinisi first using the screen on the front and rear.

Along with the increasing development of civilization, now there Pinisi boat engine that uses diesel motor as a power booster. In contrast to the original size, the boat Pinisi which already uses the engine is larger, with a length of about 20 meters and can accommodate loads up to 30 tons. One such boat is done by more than ten people and the process can take up to several months.

Broadly speaking, there are three parts in the boat Pinisi, namely the upper, main part, and the rear. Meanwhile, the bottom is coated by a hard fiber that can withstand water. Interestingly, although already affected Pinisi boat building modernization, rituals in making the boat is still underway today.

According to the workers that we encountered, the initial ritual in making a boat Pinisi characterized by a handler boat cut the bottom of the boat building commonly called the "keel". Then, provided in the form of food offerings of sweets and cut a white chicken. Sweet foods is a symbol of hope for a boat that would be made to bring hockey to their owners, while the blood attached to a "full" is a symbol to prevent accidents when making the boat.

Once completed, it is usually used for cruise boat expedition carrying merchandise. But now, not uncommon for people who intentionally buy a private boat cruise. Pinisi sized boat with a diesel engine power is sold at a fantastic price, could reach 2 billion. Purchases made with advance reservations. People who buy can determine the model of the boat and its interior in it, this certainly fit the budget had been agreed. But interestingly, there are certain rituals that must be done after the boat completed. After that, it took a month to uplift the boat from the shore towards the open sea. Anyone interested in buying? [AhmadIbo / IndonesiaKaya]

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