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Attraction        : Cultural Sightseeing Tours
Duration          : 08 hours
Grade               : Easy
Tour area         : Tomohon – Tondano
Start – end       : Manado

Meet you in appointment site, Manado harbor or hotel lobby and begin the Minahasan Cultural tours within visits :

  • CITRA LAND         : An executive living area in Manado, North Sulawesi. The owner dedicated a Jesus Christ Blessing Manado statue, were the second highest world monument after the one in Rio the Jenairo, Brasil. Made of glass fiber, within 31 m height and exactly facing to Manado city.
  • PEMANDANGAN                 : Means Panorama or view, located about 560 m above sea level in Tinoor village. The best place to take a photo of Manado city within Manado bay and Bunaken National Marine Park as a background view.
  • KAKASKASEN VILLAGE : A village located along the main road of Tomohon, were the locals planting and selling a flower in a row of the house. 
  • TRADITIONAL MARKET : Where the locals selling any traditional food and spice as lemon grass, lemon basil, nutmeg, cloves, also extreme culinary such as rats, bats, dogs, pig, cat. Anyway the extreme culinary isn’t a kind of daily meals but the locals are serve it on the table when the thanks giving of Birthday, Weddings, or Funeral celebration.
  • KAYAWU VILLAGE : A village located at the valley of Lokon volcano, huge rice terraces, rivers, forest, where you can make a short hiking around the rice field and fish ponds to stretching the legs. 
  • WOLOAN VILLAGE : Where the locals producing a wooden house, gazebo or any request type of buildings made of wood as a teak wood, Iron wood and another locals high quality wood.
  • TONDANO LAKE : Third largest crater lake in Indonesia, located 600 m above sea level, with 5 km for the diameter and the deepest site is 35 – 40 m. A best place to having lunch on your way of the trip, visiting traditional bamboo fish farming within scarp fish, gold fish also shrimp and fresh water lobsters and others is found at this lake . 
  • LINOW LAKE : Another smaller crater lake in Minahasa regency, nowadays become a famous as a place for hang out after the Minahasa Highland tours. Most of green colors of the lake is the sulfur deposit in the water. During the day the color can change in to yellow green, white green, dark green depends on how strong the sunshine.

Notes :

  • Our tour descriptions + tour itineraries is a sample only, it can change with prior notice.
  • The tour arrangement based on tour plan which not publish.
  • We are happy to make the tour plan according to your wishes and need 


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