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PALU CITY : Is a capital city of Central Sulawesi. The most ideal place to meet with other people or guest or with e the local team. This city is facilitated with comfortable hotel, ATM Boutique, some modern store. It's a best place to start your journey in Central Sulawesi. 

BADA VALLEY : Discovered in 1908, the Bada Valley megaliths, hidden in Central Sulawesi, are statues scattered all over an area next to Lore Lindu National Park. Located 15km South of Lore Lindu National Park, Bada Valley and its statues are crossed by Sungai Lariang, the river watering countless rice fields and about a dozen villages in the area

BESOA VALLEY : Besoa Megalith Valley is located around  1,000 meter above sea level. In this valley, hundreds of stone statues can be found in various seizes, starting from 1.5 meter until 4 meter high statues. Besoa Megalith Valley is located at Central Lore subdistrict, Poso district, Central SUlawesi. Its distance is around 150 kilometer from Palu city. Besoa valley can be accessed from Palu city by car for 6 hours. 

NAPU VALLEY : Is a huge valley located about 1.200 m above sea level. The part of valley is a grassland and half of it is a jungle.There are 09 tribes who live in the highland of Napu Valley, and also about 07 another tribes dawn to the Valley to made a new community at the valley.

WUASA VILLAGE : Is a village where most of the guest are stay overnight at the losmen in Lore Utara after drive with cars about 05 hours within about 100 Km. Most of the guest who are staying here are birders.

DODA VILLAGES : Another village in Lore Utara where the guest who like to do the overnight trekking from North Of Lorelindu ( NAPU VALLEY ) to South Of Lorelindu (BADA VALLEY)

TENTENA TOWN : Tentena is in North Pamona district in the regency of Poso, about 50 km south of regency capital Poso. Tentena located on the road between Ampana and Rantepao, on the northern shore of Lake Poso. The town itself could be easily overlooked if it were not for the number of guides and locals recommending it as a better option than Poso for an overnight stop. 

AMPANA TOWN :  is a small, friendly and remarkably clean town as one of the cleanest we've seen in all of Indonesia in fact (save the canal near the water) and while we saw it in the midst of Ramadan, we imagine across the rest of the year this isn't a bad place to lose a day or two waiting for the boat to the Togean Islands.

TOGEAN ISLAND : Located in the Gulf of Tomini, reachable by rental or Public boat from Ampana or Gorontalo. There are some Islands where you can explore by the speed boat or outrigger boat, within : Bomba Island, Wakai Island, Kadidiri Island, Ret-reat Island, Bolilanga Island etc.


LORELINDU NATIONAL PARK : There are over 400 granite megaliths in the area, of which about 30 represent human forms. They vary in size from a few centimetres to ca.4.5 metres (15 ft). The original purpose of the megaliths is unknown. Other megaliths are in form of large pots (Kalamba) and stone plates (Tutu'na). The megaliths spread in Napu Valley, Besoa and Bada. Various archaeological studies have dated the carvings from between 3000 BC to 1300 AD. Surrounding the park there are 117 villages, from which 62 are located on the borders of the park and one is within the park.

WHAT TO DO : Birding, Trekking


TOGEAN ISLAND NATIONAL PARK : The Togian (or Togean) Islands are an archipelago of 56 islands and islets, in the Gulf of Tomini, off the coast of Central Sulawesi, in Indonesia. The three largest islands are Batudaka, Togian, and Talatakoh. There are 37 villages on the islands, with one settled by the Bajau people, more commonly known as the sea gypsies.

There are interesting sites in the area such as :

  • BOMBA AREA : where the people can visit, Poyalisa Island, Ret-reat Island, Bajau Communities.
  • WAKAI AREA : where the people can visit Kadidiri Paradise, Malenge Island, Mariona lakes (jelly fish lake) also the main harbor of Togean Island National Park is here.
  • BOLILANGA AREA : Where the people can visit California house reef, Papan Island, Karina beach etc.


  • Swimming, Sun Bath, Snorkeling, Diving.

Attraction     : Eco and Marine Tourism .
Tour area      : Lorelindu - Togean Island.
Duration       : 12 Days / 11 Nights
Grade            : Easy - Intermediate 
Start – End   : Palu City - Ampana Town


  • Meet you in the hotel or airport in Palu, and transfer you to Wuasa Village in Napu Valley, at North of Lorelindu National Park. About 05 hours through the mountains and forest we will arrive in the afternoon in Doda Village. Dinner. Overnight at Losmen


  • Breakfast at guesthouse, And prepare all the overnight trekking equipment and food and beverages. At 07.00 am start a 05 hours trekking up to the highland in Tabang peak, overnight at simple camp or tent. Lunch, Dinner is prepared by our team.


  • Breakfast at camp, and start the 06 hours trekking dawn to Bada Valley in South of Lorelindu. Afternoon arrive in Bada valley, lunch en-route. In this two days trekking there are manythings that you can see on the way within Flora and Fauna. Afternoon arrival and free at leisure. Dinner and overnight at Losmen in the Valley.


  • Breakfast at Losmen and get around the valley to see the megalithic stone such as Palindo, Langke Bulawa, Kalamba, Tutuna, and also visiting the area to learn about the local wisdom who still exist nowadays include how do the people create a cloth made of wood. Afternoon return to Losmen, Lunch and Dinner at Losmen. Overnight. 


  • Breakfast at Losmen, directley check out from the Losmen and leaving Bada valley to Tentena, it take about 03 hours. On the way, stop for short trekking at Malei. Lunch en-route by the team. Afternoon arrive in Tentena, and refreshing the body in the 12 steps waterfalls in Saluopa Waterfalls near the town. Check in at hotel or cottage in Tentena. Dinner at Poso Lake side restaurant.


  • Breakfast at hotel or cottages, and driving to Ampana harbor about 06 hours to get the boat to Togean Island National Park. On arrival by the rental boat sailing crossing the Tomini bay, to Bomba for 03 hours. Check in at Poyalisa Island. On the way doing snorkeling at Taupan Island near Bomba. Lunch en-route by the team, dinner at resort/cottages.


  • Breakfast at resort. Directly check out and explore the beauty of marine life of , Poyalisa house reef, Karina Beach, Mariona Jelly Fish Lake, Bajau Village. Lunch en route by the team, Afternoon arrive in Wakai and check in at Kadidiri Island. Dinner, Overnight


  • Breakfast at cottage, and start to explore with visiting California reef, and then Atol reef at Angkaiyo Island, Having fun in Sera Beach, continue with snorkeling at Reef 05, Papan Island, Lestari Beach, on the way return to Wakai we can enjoy the great sunset of Togean Island. Lunch en route by the team. Dinner at Cottage or resort.


  • Breakfast at resort, directly check out and by the boat, we are heading back to Ampana harbor town. About 06 hours by the boat from Wakai - Tentena by the boat. Afternoon arrive check in at hotel or cottage in town. 


Notes :

  • Our tour descriptions + tour itineraries is can change with or without prior notice 
  • The tour arrangement based on tour plan which not publish
  • We are happy to inform you a new quotation according to your holiday needs

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