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Central Sulawesi is the province within has a lot to offer for tourism destination. Ancient megaliths, tribes whose ways of life remain relatively unchanged, mossy mountains, sleepy blue lakes,  very long river which can be used for white water rafting. You might also enjoy fantastic snorkeling, and diving on coral reefs. 

You also  will find delights in unpopulated small islands surrounded by endless white sandy beaches and natural voice in national reserves.

Rich in flora and fauna like the most expensive Ebony wood, Teakwood, Rattan, Banyan trees, also the famed Black Orchids. The shy Babirusa (deer pig), Anoa (Dwarf Buffalo). Deer and various species of birds including the rare maleo birds (Macrocephalon maleo) Black Monkey Sulawesi (Macaqua maura), Tangkasi (the smallest species of monkeys) are waiting for the visitors who like adventures (trekking, rafting, birdwatching).

Central Sulawesi is surrounded by Gorontalo in the north, South Sulawesi and South East Sulawesi in the south, Maluku in the east, and the Makassar Strait in the west. Palu is the capital Central Sulawesi Province, which geographically this region located in upstate. Town which seldom has rain known as one of dry town in Indonesia with hot air in the afternoon and nocturnal cold.

Like many areas in Indonesia, first natives of Central Sulawesi were a mixed of Wedoid and Negroid races. Malay came later and began to dominate this place. Relics of Bronze and Megalithicum Age can be found here. These days the dominant races here are Palu Toraja, Koro Toraja and Poso Toraja.

From your home in Europe, USA, Australia, or any other places, you can get international flights to :: Jakarta, and Bali, as the easiest gate way in to Indonesia. From those city you can get directly flights to Palu, as the capital city or Luwuk another large city in the province. If you are choosing the flights to Singapore, then you can connect your flight the same day to : Makassar in South Sulawesi, and Manado in North Sulawesi and then get the connecting flights to Central Sulawesi.

The area is reachable by flights and by bus or charter car, through South Sulawesi, or North Sulawesi & Gorontalo also reachable from South East Sulawesi.

There are two main airports in Sulawesi island which is has an International direct flight from Singapore, Changi International airport you can go directly to Sulawesi island within Sam Ratulangi airport, Manado, in North Sulawesi and Sultan Hasanudin International airport in Makassar, South Sulawesi.


  • Makassar Daily flight to Palu, departs in the morning - flight time (1h)        


  • Chartered car to Ampana from Palu about 08 hours
  • Flight from Makassar - Ampana airport

Package tour of central sulawesi is a blend of tour morowali, tour togean and tour lore lindu, the third destination is a tourist destination that is most in demand by foreign and domestic travelers. These three tourist destinations are increasingly in demand of visitors.
Each has its own unique characteristics and uniqueness:

  • Lorelindu National Park is great for birding with the diversity of fauna, trekking, for the beauty and diversity of the flora, as well as the alien tribes of the Bada valley, peoples, and the megalithic.
  • Similarly, the beauty of the Togean island , within beaches, under water, also bajo tribal village and jellyfish on fresh water lake. On this island visitors can definitely enjoy the holidays with various activities such as snorkeling, diving and visiting from one island to another island. Snorkeling and diving are superb within barrier reef, fringing reef, wall reef, and slope reef. 
  • While Morowali is a very interesting place to be explored with a tremendous natural wealth of flora and fauna. Also there are the Wana's alienated tribes. The beauty of Sombori Island within the sea and also the beach and the biological richness in it offers a phenomenon as Raja Ampat on the island of sulawesi.  again the beauty of the city of Tentena with lake poso and waterfall with 12 levels.

In all the above mentioned tourist destinations, until now, it's not yet equipped with star-rated lodging facilities, but the lodging is very convenient, clean and for the restaurant is very well meet the health standards especially the area visited by way of trekking.

Tours in Central Sulawesi, could be arrange in main tours as :

  • Lorelindu Birding Tour
  • Lorelindu Trekking Tour
  • Morowali Trekking Tour
  • Togean Island Tour

Also, those main tour package could combined within :

  • Lorelindu - Morowali Trekking Tour
  • Lorelindu - Togean Island Tour
  • Lorelindu - Toraja Trekking Tour
  • Lorelindu - Toraja Tour

We are happy to create the trip according to your duration, needs, and budget.

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