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South Sulawesi - Indonesia

Bira's harbour you will find at the south-east side of the peninsula. This is the place from where the ferries to Selayar and Labuan Bajo (Flores) leave. During the west monsoon many classical style boats that usually are operated for dive cruises moor here for shelter and repairs.

The most visited part of the peninsula is around the very end of the tar road. This area is called Kapongkolang. Unfortunately this place has in the past been cleared of trees before the building of restaurants and small hotels started. Because of the dry limestone soil, trees only slowly come back again. It takes just a short walk from here to visit greener beaches in the area.

Tanjung (Cape) Bira lies at the south-eastern tip of South Sulawesi. Coming from Makassar the 190 kilometers going there will take about four hours by car.
Tanjung Bira and surroundings are famous for their white beaches with powder-like sand and shipbuilding. Tourism is slowly developing in this area, resulting in better access to the villages and some reasonable quality places to stay. Bira is suitable for relaxing on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, diving and walks in the area. Please be aware of the very strong currents around cape Bira.

The rainfall pattern in Bira (and as well Bulukumba and Sinjai) is different from Makassar and many other areas in Sulawesi, Bali and Java. While Makassar has heavy rains in the period December - February, Bira and surroundings are dry, though an occasional shower from the west will be possible. In Bira most rain falls during the months April, May and June.

A village full of boat builders On the road from Bulukumba to Tanjung Bira you will pass after about 25 km Tanah Beru, a village full of boat builders. In the past many boat builders from around Bira moved here, resulting in an interesting concentration of boats under construction. If you are in the village, just go off the main road at the point it makes a sharp curve, and spend some time to visit the building sites.
Most boats are of the type "Finisi" (Pinisiq). Many of these boats still are built without the use of technical drawings. Still many wood connections are made with wooden pins. Recently the price of boats built here went up drastically due increasing hardwood prices. This did not stop new boats being built. A big part of the boats under construction are ordered by foreigners that operate these "pinisiq" for dive cruises.


South of the Bira peninsula lies the 80 km long, long-stretched island of Selayar. The 16 km wide strait between Bira and Selayar is well know for its attractive diving spots.

The most popular dive locations here are around the islands “Pulau Liukang “, Pulau Kambing” and “Pasi Tanete”. It is strongly advised to be accompanied by a dive guide that knows this area well, as currents can be dangerous.

This tiny little island dominant by rock, there is only 03 beaches on the island and 02 small villages, People on Liukang island is Buginese from Konjos tribe and accoupied the island for more then 200 years.

Liukang Island is located in the district of Bulukumba and dealing with Bira Beach who had already famous for its beautiful beaches.

Liukang Island has a very white beaches, coral reefs, which are very beautiful with coral fish which diverse and colorful, there are more than 50 dive sites around the island liukang and almost all of them are world class diving.The beauty of the island is very charming liukang foreign tourists, the beach which is clean, very safe for lovers of snorkeling, fishing village on the island of liukang also provide an attraction for visitors of the island.

The beach on the island Liukang Loe is one the most beautiful beaches in the world today, beach on the island Liukang Loe is very clean, stunning landscapes and friendly people who provide comfort for you who visit this island You can see Liukang Loe Island from Bira Cape, Inhabitant Island that could be reached by motorboat for about 10 minutes.This island is one of the famous underwater heaven that attract local and international tourist for diving or snorkeling.

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