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09 MARCH 2016

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Dear Customer,

Through this site we would like to assist you with planning and booking your trip in Sulawesi Island and beyond


If you have determined your itinerary and destinations already and only are in need of hotel vouchers, airplane tickets, transport over land or any other travel facilities please contact us for quotation

We proudly present an enthusiastic team of Indonesians with the spirit of care and personal attention towards our customers.


Aware of the extensiveness of our big country and the problems that may cause, we will put in all effort to set your mind at ease and try to make sure that your trip is well organized and executed in any way we can.


JO en JO give you detailed information about destinations, tour plan and several subjects related to traveling in Indonesia. However you need specific questions feel free to contact us.


See you in Indonesia !

Vasko Tuwaidan



JOenJO Sulawesi Tour specialist team create you a reasonable cost in comfortable facilities of Holidays, Tours , Adventure for tourism destination in Sulawesi - Indonesia and beyond.


We are commited to serve you :

  • Friendly and Caring. . . . . .
    of your family and the treatment like our own family far away from home
  • Indonesian touch . . . . . .
    in a whole package, from before the tour until the completion of the tour
  • Quality commitment . . . . .
    where the resource selection with only a high standard to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort
  • Get what you pay for . . . . .
    with a tour of the entire process transparent, orderly, and no surprise

Service Tour Supported by :

  • Tour facilities . . . . .
    Budget, Comfortables to Luxurious tours facilities within International Sanitary Standard
  • Crew and Staff . . . .
    Professionals, well organized and efficient
  • Attitude . . . .             
    Friendly, Interesting, Personable, and a lot's of fun



Best deal quaranted in all domestic and international flight ticket...




A five most luxurious liveaboard in Indonesia for Raja Ampat cruise....




Just before booking confirm !!

JO en JO tours specialist

I Bunaken National park I Minahasa highland I Tangkoko Natural reserve I Tana Toraja I Mamasa Valley I

I Bira beach I Sengkang I Wakatobi National Marine Park I

I Lore lindu National park I Togian Island I


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